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Geriatrical revolution?

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

I don’t follow Youtube as a community very closely but I go there quite regularily to check out the new videos from some really entertaining people and thus usually get informed if something big is happening.

So during the last week a new channel has jumped to being the seconds most subscribed channel (all time) in Youtube and at this rate is going to end up at the top very soon.

So what is this phenomenon which tops all the people who have been posting quality entertainment for months? It’s a 78 year old man from UK who is telling his life story in short videos.

I think that this is quite remarkable as it shows us a prime example of how technology can enable the elderly to be a valuable part of the modern society, just like they were before when grandparents used to live with the family. This also shows that there still exists a huge interest for what the older generations have to say if only the message can be delivered in a way that it fits into the schedule of a modern, asynchronously living person.

I think that given this kind of examples along with the ones like gaming grandma, older people are going to start to realize the benefits they can achieve through technology and get more incentive for facing their fears. I have always thought that we will achieve the big digital village which spans all generations only after the current computer savvy generations reach their elderhood, but maybe we will get there much sooner than I expected!