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A blossoming nugget

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

I haven’t been out in bars much for a long time since I have usually prioritized other activities over the odor of cigarettes, swarms of drunken finns and music so loud that you can’t really make up a good conversation. Yesterday Kim talked me over to spending the evening in Valter Cafe which to my lovely surprise seemed like an enjoyable non-smoking venue and after a couple of GTs I drifted into making acquintance with a friendly couple at a table next to ours.

From our conversation I picked up a golden nugget which seemed to resonate exceptionally well with my own gut feeling but in which I hadn’t put that much thought before and certainly couldn’t put into words as eloquently: In order to achieve the most in life it is not only important to grow as a person but to help others around you to blossom. (translated freely from finnish)

I’d like to believe that the gut feeling I have had about this has led me to help many great and likeminded people achieve more than they would have without me, but putting this feeling in such a concrete form will surely help me put even more attention to empowering others to drive forward worthy goals. And what is even better, I am now more able to encourage others to do the same!

For this and other enlightening insights that you shared with me tonight I would like to hearthly thank you Kalle, and if you read this, please drop me a comment or an e-mail with your blog/website address so that I can properly credit you with a link icon smile A blossoming nugget

Letting loose

Friday, March 30th, 2007

I am one of those people who like to have the feeling that they are going into the right direction. When somebody makes a decission which affects me and I feel that from my point of view this decission isn’t the right one, I usually engage quite eagerly in to a conversation about the views behind the given decission and why I would have made an another decission.

Sometimes I end up changing the decission and sometimes I end up learning to see the situation from a different perspective which jusfies the decission. To me this kind of a way to debate decisisons sounded at first like a good way to approach decission making in a small company like ours but after some frustrating experiences it has become more clear to me what is probably the cause of the overly hierarchical government model which enterprises of yesterday have drifted to (in my opinnion as a bit overly aggressive countermeasure): Converging different points of view takes a lot of time and effort and doesn’t often lead to a solution which is so much better that it would justify the effort.

As it is an integral part of my nature to question things and delve deeper into subjects it is quite challenging to learn to live with decissions that I don’t understand – even if they are only small ones. However it is a challenge that I feel that I must overcome in time to become a better colleague and also a better leader. This doesn’t mean that I will never again question any decissions but I will try to evaluate the possible outcomes of the process before giving up to my urge to understand, help others understand and ultimately set things right.

In the end it all comes to what we were talking the other day at lunch with Tommi: Maybe managing a company isn’t all that different from managing your personal life – in order to gain the most there are many things that are better to be left unmanaged and just trust that they can’t turn out so bad that the situation couldn’t be fixed anymore.