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Connectivism in the grassroots of ITK 07

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

I’m in ITK 07 conference and Karsten Wolf just gave a good keynote presentation. I think it brought together most of the relevant concepts that I would like to see all ITK participants grasping as the common basis for communication in other presentations.

I’m writing this blog entry briefly just to point out that while Wolf mentioned that the answer to the question “What is the role of collaborating and sharing in succesfull online learning?” is still largely unknown and under research, there exists a paradigm called connectivism which in my opinnion tries to answer to this question from a better point of view than could be easily possible using constructivism (or one of its various extensions) as a basis of thinking.

I’d also add on the subject that while Wolf pointed out that changes in the internet enable constructivistic learning to emerge from the grassroots, this has already been true from the beginning of the internet. The social transformation of the web (to which some refer as Web 2.0) does also enhance the possibilities for constructivistic learning but in my opinnion it enhances far more the ways of handling information and knowledge which connectivism touches on.

BTW. As this is a social conference, I’d be very interested if Wolf himself has something to add to this – so please join the conversation Karsten!