My name is Antti Vähäkotamäki and I am working as a CTO at Dicole, where I am also a partner. Through my work I get familiar with the full stack of web based software development in addition to running a growing company.

My initial choice of career early in life was to be a math teacher, where I might be today if I hadn’t met Teemu who got me interested in the software and business world. Strongly influenced by open source software development world, I changed my major to computer science and now hold a masters degree in computer science from University of Helsinki. Through my degree I am also qualified (in Finland) as a teacher in computer science and mathematics, but have very little actual experience in the field apart from acting as an assistant teacher at a half a dozen diverse university courses.

Currently my life revolves mainly around my work with somewhat odd working hours but I do make some room for recreational activities such as long walks in the parks of Helsinki and dinners with friends. In the recent years I have also had a growing interest in research of various things related to human happiness and well-being but still consider myself a novice who marvels at the diversity of ways people are able to make their lives enjoyable.

In the early days of the blog on this site I was writing infrequently about various things mainly to keep my own thoughts organized, but nowadays I’m trying to keep this blog work oriented. I also keep a public personal blog (in finnish), a mixed microblog in Twitter, an internal company blog and a couple of anonymous personal blogs, so you can hopefully expect this blog to remain true to it’s focus.

I try to aggregate most of my public online presence to Facebook and Twitter but you can also follow it through FriendFeed.

Some of my older writings are in finnish but for now all the following posts here will be in english.